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Refugee Stories

Thanks to the Transatlantic Outreach Program and the Fulbright fellowship I participated in, I’ve been able to bring many lessons

The Living Room

Wohnzimmer It simply means living room. This is the name of a project in Fulda, a city in central Germany.

A Powerful Lesson from Students

One of the privileges of participating in this TOP Tour in Germany is having access to people, places, and stories

Finding Community

Last summer, after returning from my year abroad, I joined a memoir writing class taught by author Ethan Gilsdorf. I

Mae Ra Moe: Where I'm From

This is the final post in my series about the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp where I taught for three

Mae Ra Moe: School Life

My main focus during my three weeks at the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp was to teach English at two

Mae Ra Moe: The Karen People

The Karen people are an ethnic group from eastern Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.  Many live in Karen State in Myanmar.

Mae Ra Moe: Camp Life

I’ve written dozens of pages about my three weeks at the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp, thinking I would use

Opportunity Knocks

There are just two months left in this year abroad, and the end seems to be coming at a fast