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Go for Broke

What I learned about Japanese American Incarceration and today’s struggles for justice I had the privilege of attending the National

The Speech I Never Gave at My Retirement Party

I am so grateful for having been able to celebrate my retirement from middle school teaching with more than eighty

What have you learned?

Thirty-four years ago Every now and then, I am reminded of of Malik, a seventh-grade student I taught as a

Teaching for Equity and Justice

Here is an article I wrote that was published on the blog of Fund for Teachers. Why are US schools,

First Day of School

I remember my first day of teaching in New Haven 33 years ago, when my classroom wasn’t ready and I

Teach Like an Artist

I told everyone I was doing this for my five-year-old granddaughter, but I must admit I felt giddy standing next

Teaching the “Middle East”

I just returned from a week at Duke University where I attended an incredible institute focused on teaching the Middle

Refugee Stories

Thanks to the Transatlantic Outreach Program and the Fulbright fellowship I participated in, I’ve been able to bring many lessons

After the 1:1 Honeymoon Period

My Love/Hate Relationship With Student Chromebooks This article originally appeared in Literacy Daily, the International Literacy Association’s blog. I looked at

Going to Schule

I’ve had the chance to meet with students and teachers at three German schools during this TOP Tour. I’ve learned

Summer School

So I guess it’s too soon to take another year off (or is it?). In the meantime, I’ve been researching

Where I’m From and Where I’m Going: Highlights from NCSS

I spent three full days at the National Council for the Social Studies annual conference in San Francisco.  It was

Mae Ra Moe: Where I'm From

This is the final post in my series about the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp where I taught for three

Dancing in the Street, Again

It’s 7:45 in the morning, Eminem is blaring on the speakers throughout the plaza and nearby streets, there are hundreds

Back to School

A Warm Welcome The school year ends in a few weeks in the Philippines, but I was able to visit