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The Best Parts of Traveling

It felt so good to be traveling again, but what made this trip so great? What do I like most


“Use your flashlights and watch out for the dangerous snakes.” That was the advice we received when going for an

Beautiful Antigua

We were fortunate to have a smooth trip from San Juan La Laguna to Antigua, first by catching a boat

Where to now, Tim?

A guest post from Vicky Ann Okay, Tim, where are you taking me? Waiting for our shuttle driver who never


I’m impressed with how my traveling companion has picked up some Spanish and is not afraid to use it. One

A Very Good Friday

“Something big is about to happen.” Vicky Ann enjoys reminding me, through uncontrollable laughter, that I said this in church

Finding Paradise

There have been moments in the past twenty-four hours where I thought, “Is this too much?” It has been a

Guatemalan Wonders, Part II

While the tours I took in Guatemala were a great way to see landscapes I would not otherwise have seen,

Guatemalan Wonders, Part I

I ended my time in Central America with a five-day trip to Guatemala.  I wanted to see a different culture