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Digital Storytelling Reflection

I had the opportunity to publish this post for the International Reading Association (now the International Literacy Association) about my

GoAnimate, Part Two

Last year I had my students create digital stories using GoAnimate, a site for making animated movies.  I have recently

Day Two: Technology

The second prompt of the 30-day Blogging Challenge for Teachers is about technology.  I am to identify one piece of technology I

PearDeck Tutorial

For my communications class this summer, I have been asked to create a tutorial for using an online content tool.

Using Technology to Teach Global Competencies

One of the things I have enjoyed most about this IT&DML program is how relevant the assignments are to my

Write: Out Loud, Not Just Another Text-to Speech Program

In my Adaptivtive Technologies class this week, I was asked to examine an assistive technology tool mentioned in our readings

Distance Learning

Posted 2014: The title of the course I took this semester, Distance Learning, does not do it justice.  When I

Update: Using Edmodo

I have been living on Google Sites this week, between my multimodal tutorial on Edmodo and the collaborative learning module

Quizzes on Edmodo

This year I have been experimenting with Edmodo, a free online platform to connect students and teachers, post assignments, create quizzes,

The Edmodo Effect

Below is a post in response to a prompt for my Research in New Literacies Class.  I had to discuss

PowToon – What’s missing?

One of my assignments this week read, in part, as follows: As you have explored and worked with content creation