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Nine Days in Laos: Students and Novices

During my time volunteering at Big Brother Mouse, I learned so much about the lives of the students who went

Nine Days in Laos: Big Brother Mouse

I chose Laos over Myanmar for my last country on this year-long trip, mostly because of what I learned while

Mae Ra Moe: Where I'm From

This is the final post in my series about the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp where I taught for three

Mae Ra Moe: School Life

My main focus during my three weeks at the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp was to teach English at two

Mae Ra Moe: The Karen People

The Karen people are an ethnic group from eastern Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.  Many live in Karen State in Myanmar.

Mae Ra Moe: Camp Life

I’ve written dozens of pages about my three weeks at the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp, thinking I would use

“When you’re this tall”

The sun had just set and the sky had that kind of glow that made everything seem cinematic.  It was

Dolphins, Diving and Drugs

Kratie, the sleepy provincial capital where I have been staying for the past three weeks, has a surprising number of

Opportunity Knocks

There are just two months left in this year abroad, and the end seems to be coming at a fast

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

These could not possibly be the same kids I was playing Uno and Legos with all afternoon.  Not the ones

Volunteerism, Not Voluntourism

The Dangers of Volunteering Volunteering is a popular way to travel.  In Europe, taking a gap year after finishing college

Eat, Stay, Weed

There’s a giant toad, bigger than any I’ve ever seen, living outside my front door.  An even bigger gecko serenades

Why Do They Do It?

As I said in a previous post, working with so many young and talented volunteers has been inspiring.  I decided


Last Friday, we canceled all of our regular classes and worked with a visiting organization to hand out shoes to

Class Routines

“Manos arriba!”  (“Hands up!”) This is the command given in every class for the beginning of the immersion (English only)