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O que vale uma imagem?

O QUE EU GANHEI COM VINTE E OITO ANOS DE FOTOS Aqui está uma versão do meu post no Google

What’s A Picture Worth?

What I gained from twenty-eight years of photos Versão em português A Chance Encounter I was confused as I stood

Wi-fi and Ballet

Here is a post about two unrelated Cuban experiences. Wi-fi “Do you need a wifi card?” a young man on

Fish and Revolution

A Chicken for Fish “The man with the fish is here,” whispered the owner of the house after she quietly

Day Seven: Getting Closer

If I had to pick one lesson I’ve learned about taking better pictures, it’s to get closer to your subject.

Manila Meet-Up

When I first arrived in the Philippines over two weeks ago, I was looking for things to do in Manila.

Tạm Biệt Việt Nam

I returned to Hanoi for an amazing workshop with Eric Kim, an internationally recognized street photographer.  Eric and his wife,

I Want a Motorbike (Don’t Tell My Sons)

“I could do this for the next six months.”  That’s what I said at one of the coffee stops on

A Perfect Blend?

Coming from Vietnam to Malaysia it was easy to notice the contrast between these two southeast Asian countries.  The first

Fresh Air

I’m sitting outside my room at an eco-lodge in Mai Chau, a mountain town about four bumpy hours from Hanoi.

Street Photography

I’ve finally picked up my camera and ventured into the city.  There are amazing scenes around every corner here in


Last Friday, we canceled all of our regular classes and worked with a visiting organization to hand out shoes to

Guest post by Chek

I’m Chek and we are a happy family.  I study in grade 8 in Little Blossoms School.  My family always


Last winter, I decided to finally get serious about a lifelong interest:  photography.  I bought Nikon D5300 digitlal SLR camera