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“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness . . .”

Mark twain

Use the menu above to read posts and view photos from places I have traveled to. Or explore some of the most read posts below.

What’s a picture worth?

Reflecting on 28 years of photographs and the bonds they represent.

Saved by the Aftershock

What I learned during an aftershock at Little Blossoms School in Kathmandu

This is Cuba!

It’s hard to explain Cuba, but I try in this post

Mae Ra Moe: Camp Life

Living and volunteering in a refugee camp in Thailand

A Tale of Two Teachers

Reflections on a rural teacher’s life in Morocco

Facing Fear

Jumping off a cliff in the Philippines and what I’ve learned about facing my fears

Privileges of A White Traveler with A Blue Passport

How to Take A Year Off and Live Your Dreams

Lessons Learned from A Year Abroad

The Little Things I’ll Forget About Later

Adapting to life in Honduras