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Day 30: Fear

I’m a little late, but today is my last day of the TeachThought 30-Day Blogging Challenge.  This has been a

Day 29: Changes

How have I changed as an educator since I first started?  Let me count the ways. Confidence – I used to

Day 28: Curriculum is the Key

On day 28 of the teachthought 30-day blogging challenge the question is:  Should technology drive curriculum, or vice versa? I

Day 27: Summers Off?

On Day 27 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge, I am asked to reflect on the role weekends and holidays play

Day 26: Favorite Sites

What are my three favorite go-to sites for teaching resources?  I could never limit it to three, so let’s just

Day 25: Student Collaboration

The ideal collaboration between students?  What does it look like? I think the answer to today’s prompt could best be

Day 24: Learning Trend

I will be playing catch-up on the 30-Day Blogging Challenge over the next several days.  I had to take some

Day 23: Connecting to the Real World

Today’s prompt:  How do I involve the community in learning in my classroom? Although I have tried to involve the

Day 22: My PLN

Today for the blogging challenge I will be describing my Professional Learning Network. A little over a year ago, before

Day 21: Not Just a Teacher

What are the hobbies and interests that I bring into the classroom?  This is Day 21 of TeachThought’s 30-Day Blogging

Day 20: Curating Student Work

How do I curate student work, or help students to curate their own work? For years, my district had students

Day 19: Reflection

Day 19 Prompt:  Name three powerful ways students can reflect on their learning, then discuss closely the one you use

Day 18: Driving Miss Daisy

image by Sarah Joy Today I must come up with a metaphor for teaching and/or teachers as part of the

Day 17: A Big Challenge

What is the most challenging issue in education today? I can think of several, but I’m going with what first

Day 16: Superpowers

I need to think of one superpower I would want to have in the classroom.  The hardest part of this