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Grappling with new learning on the Civil Rights Trail

My trip to Alabama included visits to several more sites that taught me about this period in history and left


History sometimes gets jumbled up in my mind. I don’t always remember dates and details. That was the case with

“Your names were never lost”

I had one more stop on my first day in Birmingham. After visiting the Legacy Museum I hopped on the free shuttle

From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration

a visit to the Legacy Museum in Montgomery My visit to the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace

This is Cuba!

As I sat in the cockpit of the Airbus A320, I thought, “What a fitting end to my first trip

Two Stories

I had conversations with two Cubans in twenty-four hours, representing very different points of view. A Dream Denied I strolled

Wi-fi and Ballet

Here is a post about two unrelated Cuban experiences. Wi-fi “Do you need a wifi card?” a young man on

Fish and Revolution

A Chicken for Fish “The man with the fish is here,” whispered the owner of the house after she quietly


Farming is a hard life no matter where you are. Imagine having to sell 90% of your crops to the

Don’t Ask Why

One of the first things I learned from our guide, photographer Luis Alarcon, was “Don’t ask why.” Why is the

A Mystery

Cuba is a mystery. I was there for just two weeks and have left with many more questions than answers.