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Refugee Stories

Thanks to the Transatlantic Outreach Program and the Fulbright fellowship I participated in, I’ve been able to bring many lessons

One Year Later: What I Miss Most about Vietnam

I was recently asked to write a reflection on my time in Vietnam for Chào Fulbright, the newsletter of the

I can see clearly now . . .

Relieved Fourteen days.  Every blink was a reminder that I felt like I had sand in my eyes.  Every sign

And Now A Word from Mr. Rogers

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”  – Fred Rogers

Luc Bat

Learning Luc Bat “Luc bat” is a traditional form of Vietnamese poetry that I have been researching.   I chose to

Coffee and Comaraderie

I finally had the experience of seeing my name on a sign as I passed through the wide doors of


If you don’t read any further, just watch this 13-second video of 10th graders reacting to your comments on the

Where I’m From

The time has come to share the poems my students have been working so hard to write.  I have taught

Another Kind of Class

I didn’t hesitate when my Fulbright friend, Jeff, texted me about taking a cooking class in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.  After

A Perfect Blend?

Coming from Vietnam to Malaysia it was easy to notice the contrast between these two southeast Asian countries.  The first

Teachers’ Day, A National Holiday

I’ve been hearing about Vietnam Teachers’ Day ever since I arrived here, so I knew it was a big deal.

Innovation in Action

The Fulbright program encourages its distinguished teachers to attend professional development during their time overseas, so I was grateful to

Donald Trump Interrupted My Class Today

The tenth graders were working even better than expected while revising their poems this afternoon.  The classroom had that magical

Learning (about) Vietnamese

“Today ten hour I go.”  This sentence, uttered in Vietnamese, has been my proudest accomplishment so far in learning the

Oh, the Horror!

I tried to explain to my fellow Fulbrighters (none of whom are teachers) the other night why Halloween is a