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My Digital Portfolio

Tonight I am publishing my digital portfolio.  Although it reflects much of the work I have been doing over the

What’s in a name?

Today I am introducing a new name for my blog.  The old name, IT&DML, stands for the name of the


I ended up creating my auto-ethnography on WeVideo, but that is not where I started.  I knew I wanted to

PearDeck Tutorial

For my communications class this summer, I have been asked to create a tutorial for using an online content tool.

Mapping my Digital Portfolio

This week I have been asked to create a map for my digital portfolio.  I have already written about what

Revised Philosophy

cc image by Jens Rötzsch I believe that children are curious and want to learn.  Children learn constantly during their first

Digital Portfolios II

#183244085 / I have been asked to write about what I think should be included in my digital portfolio.

Digital Portfolios

This summer, besides participating in the Fulbright-Hays project to Morocco (see my blog link above or here), I will be

Using Technology to Teach Global Competencies

One of the things I have enjoyed most about this IT&DML program is how relevant the assignments are to my

Putting it all Together

This is the final week of the semester and I have been working on a project for my Teaching, Learning

Soapbox Hangout

image by psgreen01 This week my colleagues in the IT&DML program had a “Soapbox Hangout.”  My professor in Teaching, Learning and

Write: Out Loud, Not Just Another Text-to Speech Program

In my Adaptivtive Technologies class this week, I was asked to examine an assistive technology tool mentioned in our readings

Formative Assessment in Higher Ed

This week, I explored technology that can be used for formative assessment, particularly in higher education.  My colleague, Gail Dandelske,

Assessing Digital Literacy and Technology Skills

#465893265 / This week, my colleagues (Gail Dandelske, Elizabeth Ferry and Amy Paskov) and I worked on a group

Digital Addiction, An Infographic

The infographic below, created as an assignment for my Teaching, Learning and Assessing in the Digital Age class, displays facts