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The Best Parts of Traveling

It felt so good to be traveling again, but what made this trip so great? What do I like most

Life After Travel

My last trip overseas was in August, 2019. When I stepped off the plane from Mexico City, I had every

Best Travel Tip Ever

Walking through the narrow tunnels inside the world’s largest pyramid, I encountered a group of American tourists. As I meandered

Lessons Learned from A Year Abroad

It doesn’t seem right to condense a year-long experience into an hour-long presentation, but that’s what I did. I spoke

Day Four: Working

I moved from one hip neighborhood to an even hipper one today. This was part of my plan so that

Day Three: Climbing High

Last night, another couchsurfer showed up, Yves from France. He had stayed here before and needed a last-minute place to

Day 2: Amor

It’s finally happened. I’m in love. Some of you have been waiting a long time for this announcement, so I’m

Day One: Getting Acclimated

I arrived at 6:30 am on my flight from New York and passed through immigration and customs in five minutes.

Budgeting for A Year Abroad

So how much does it cost to travel abroad for a year?  I’ve had that question from just a few

How to Take a Year Off and Live Your Dreams

“He must be rich.”  One of my students said this to his parent about my ability to travel the world,

Facing Fear

I returned from my journey to the village and am at a Starbucks in Manila, the only place open on

Jeepney Riding 101

I’ve ridden in dozens of different types of vehicles over the past year.  Each country has its own system of


One of the things I am learning is that travel is just as much about the people you meet as

Volunteerism, Not Voluntourism

The Dangers of Volunteering Volunteering is a popular way to travel.  In Europe, taking a gap year after finishing college

Tim’s Top Ten Travel Research Sites

As I said in a previous post, research is a big part of my travel experience.  There are dozens of