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Privileges of a White Traveler with a Blue Passport

I’ve been in Cambodia for over a week now and have started volunteering at an English program in Kratie, a

The Village, Part IV

I have been thinking about the village of Supo ever since I left there over a week ago.  I cannot

The Village, Part III

Hot, Hot Springs McTery’s aunt Theresa had arranged for a vehicle and driver to bring us to the Kili hot

The Village, Part II

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood “Tim, do you hear that rooster? That’s my timer.”  It was almost 6:00 and

The Village, Part I

My trip to McTery’s village was a highlight of this year of travel.  Here is the first of four posts

Facing Fear

I returned from my journey to the village and am at a Starbucks in Manila, the only place open on

The Graduate

After guiding him through his first ironing experience, McTery was ready for his graduation ceremony.  High school begins in seventh

Jeepney Riding 101

I’ve ridden in dozens of different types of vehicles over the past year.  Each country has its own system of

Work It!

My brief career as a model began with a meeting at a Starbucks in the old walled neighborhood known as


One of the things I am learning is that travel is just as much about the people you meet as

Weekend Update

I do not expect any sympathy from my readers, but traveling is hard work.  My new friends and fellow year-abroad

Cool, Cool River

“Do you want to jump, sir?”  Edsil, our guide on the hike to Tangadan Falls, asked me this several times.

Dancing in the Street, Again

It’s 7:45 in the morning, Eminem is blaring on the speakers throughout the plaza and nearby streets, there are hundreds

Back to School

A Warm Welcome The school year ends in a few weeks in the Philippines, but I was able to visit

Eat, Pray, Eat

As I touched my forehead to the carpet, I could see McTery watching me from the side, his forehead to