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But, I read it on the Internet, it has to be true!

Have I ever been fooled by information online?  I don’t have to think too far back to find an example.

How do I create a PLN?

After reading about PLNs (Personal Learning Networks) this week, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Maybe it’s because the end

Collaborative Learning and Leaving a Positive Digital Footprint

ORMS Module 2 Response:  What challenges exist as students work collaboratively as opposed to working individually? After completing the various

Cooking with TPACK

For the Cooking with TPACK activity, I had to slice vegetables for a vegetable platter using a plate, plastic bowl

What is TPACK?

On the surface, TPACK seems like a simple idea that is easy to explain, but it’s one of those ideas

ORMS Module One

Using the Internet as a Text in My Classroom A response to ORMS Module One This past school year I