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I couldn’t leave Nepal without writing another post about the amazing time I spent at the Social Development Center. I

Guest post by Chek

I’m Chek and we are a happy family.  I study in grade 8 in Little Blossoms School.  My family always

Guest Post by Dipesh

Here is a slideshow that Dipesh prepared by himself. Another slide show from Dipesh: (Please consider leaving Dipesh a comment.

A Nepali Family

“Have good dreams, brother.”  This is what I hear over and over every evening as I leave the Social Development

Group Dynamics

Today (July 30), we are one week into our two-week tour.  We left the hotel in Varanasi this morning at


We traveled from Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) to the village of Orchha by train.  Indian Railways, I learned,

Feeling Like A Star

Feeling Like a Star Note:  Our tour guide, Manu, has solved my problem uploading images!  Still have intermittent internet, but

Meeting the Locals

My Couchsurfing host in Delhi for two nights is Nitin, a lawyer from Punjab.  His wife is also a lawyer