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This is Cuba!

As I sat in the cockpit of the Airbus A320, I thought, “What a fitting end to my first trip

Two Stories

I had conversations with two Cubans in twenty-four hours, representing very different points of view. A Dream Denied I strolled

Wi-fi and Ballet

Here is a post about two unrelated Cuban experiences. Wi-fi “Do you need a wifi card?” a young man on

Fish and Revolution

A Chicken for Fish “The man with the fish is here,” whispered the owner of the house after she quietly


Farming is a hard life no matter where you are. Imagine having to sell 90% of your crops to the

Don’t Ask Why

One of the first things I learned from our guide, photographer Luis Alarcon, was “Don’t ask why.” Why is the

A Mystery

Cuba is a mystery. I was there for just two weeks and have left with many more questions than answers.

Summer School

So I guess it’s too soon to take another year off (or is it?). In the meantime, I’ve been researching