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Tia Pepper

I think it was my son Ricardo who came up with the nickname “Pepper” for my friend Pat. He didn’t

One Year Later: What I Miss Most about Vietnam

I was recently asked to write a reflection on my time in Vietnam for Chào Fulbright, the newsletter of the

Lessons Learned from A Year Abroad

It doesn’t seem right to condense a year-long experience into an hour-long presentation, but that’s what I did. I spoke

Hasta Luego Mexico City

My trip to CDMX began with a search on Google Flights one weekend when I was avoiding other tasks. I


“Would you do it again?” That question comes up now and then, and my answer is always, “Yes, I will

How to Take a Year Off and Live Your Dreams

“He must be rich.”  One of my students said this to his parent about my ability to travel the world,

Miss You

The texts usually come during the night.  I wake to see “Miss you, teacher” on my screen from students at


93 blog posts, 184 student poems published, many thousands of miles traveled, 8 countries visited, nearly 20,000 photos taken, hundreds


I don’t know what I’m going to write about in this post.  I have no ideas, just a few random,

I can see clearly now . . .

Relieved Fourteen days.  Every blink was a reminder that I felt like I had sand in my eyes.  Every sign

Privileges of a White Traveler with a Blue Passport

I’ve been in Cambodia for over a week now and have started volunteering at an English program in Kratie, a

The Village, Part IV

I have been thinking about the village of Supo ever since I left there over a week ago.  I cannot