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A Word from Vicky Ann

Here’s a note from Vicky Ann, written in her little black book on Saturday. Dear Me, Nothing electronic can replace

“This is not my beautiful wife”

My friend, Vicky Ann, arrived with the rain and cooler temperatures.  It would be a week before she saw the

I Want a Motorbike (Don’t Tell My Sons)

“I could do this for the next six months.”  That’s what I said at one of the coffee stops on

Coffee and Comaraderie

I finally had the experience of seeing my name on a sign as I passed through the wide doors of


I had twenty-four hours notice to leave the country.  For reasons I’ll never understand, my visa extension was denied by

Another Kind of Class

I didn’t hesitate when my Fulbright friend, Jeff, texted me about taking a cooking class in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.  After

A Perfect Blend?

Coming from Vietnam to Malaysia it was easy to notice the contrast between these two southeast Asian countries.  The first

Speaking Portuguese in Malaysia

On my last day in Malaysia, I decided to catch a bus from Melaka to a nearby village, simply known

A Pre-Jungle-Trek Trek

I knew it would be an interesting day when the bus driver showed me the picture of the mudslide that

Tam Đảo: Bedford Falls or Pottersville?

After several excursions with native English speakers or translators by my side, I decided it was time to step outside

The Love Boat

I’m not ashamed to say that on Friday nights when I was in middle school in the late ‘70s, I

Fresh Air

I’m sitting outside my room at an eco-lodge in Mai Chau, a mountain town about four bumpy hours from Hanoi.

Guatemalan Wonders, Part II

While the tours I took in Guatemala were a great way to see landscapes I would not otherwise have seen,

Guatemalan Wonders, Part I

I ended my time in Central America with a five-day trip to Guatemala.  I wanted to see a different culture

It’s Not All Work: Pico Bonito

Pico Bonito This is the mountain that I wake up to every morning and see all day long as I