Day 10: Random Facts

This is the prompt for Day 10 of the blogging challenge.  
Here’s my attempt at a response.
Five random facts
  1. While working at The Gap in high school, I once sold a pair of jeans to Jack Nicholson, I think.
  2. I worked as an ice cream man in college, delivering hot fudge sundaes to the dorms.
  3. Also in college, I was paid lots of money to be a garbage man, and worked for a time as a custodian at an exclusive all-girls boarding school.
  4. I love chai.
  5. I studied Arabic in Morocco this summer, and can actually read some words!
Four things on my bucket list
(Disclaimer:  I’ve never made a bucket list. For some reason it doesn’t feel right to me.  But if I had to make one, here’s some things that might be on it.)
  1. Live in Africa.
  2. Learn to play the violin.
  3. Fly a plane.
  4. Have as few worldly possessions as possible.
Three hopes for this year
  1. I will have a positive impact on all of my students.
  2. I will be able to try new ideas in the classroom without getting pulled towards constantly doing and worrying about all the things I “have to” do.
  3. I will make more time for friends and family.
Two things that made me laugh or cry as an educator
  1. I laugh when a student calls me Dad, and laugh even more when I am called Mom.
  2. I laugh at myself when I make mistakes in front of the class.
One thing I wish more people knew about me
  1. This is tough.  I feel like I share what I want to share with others and am not that interested in people knowing more than they know.  I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them over time, and I feel that people who want to know me will take the time to do so.  Sorry, but I really can’t think of something that I wish more people knew about me.

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