Digital Portfolios II

I have been asked to write about what I think should be included in my digital portfolio.  After reading research about portfolios, viewing examples, and writing this post, I have a few thoughts regarding my own digital portfolio.

I started the Instructional Technology and Digital Media Literacies sixth year program last summer.  Since then, I have completed nine classes and am about to start the final two courses of the program.  I have created many digital products, developed my digital learning hub, curated digital content, and used many digital tools for teaching, creating content, curating and connecting with other educators.  A digital portfolio will be a great way to show what I have learned over the past year.  I expect to include examples of units of study and lesson plans created during this program, tutorials I have created for teachers and students, and links to my website and online learning modules.

There are other essential pieces to a digital portfolio which I expect to include.  These include:

  • A statement of my philosophy of education.
  • Reflections on several pieces of work and learning.
  • Feedback from others who view my digital portfolio, and my comments and reflection on that feedback.
  • A list of accomplishments and presentations, perhaps in the form of a curriculum vitae.
  • Sample blog posts that show reflection on learning during this program.
  • A list of courses studied with highlights of the biggest takeaways from each one.
  • A comparison of my life as a teacher before the IT&DML program and now.
  • A list of influential connections made during the program, such as who I follow on Twitter, new online spaces I’ve discovered, etc.
  • Room for continual revision, reflection and updates to the digital portfolio.
One of the challenges of creating the digital portfolio will be in making the content manageable and relevant to viewers.  I do not want to add so much content that it will not be useful.  I should be careful to choose items that are representative of the learning that I have done and resist the temptation to include everything.  Stay tuned for more information on my digital portfolio.

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