Update: Using Edmodo

I have been living on Google Sites this week, between my multimodal tutorial on Edmodo and the collaborative learning module about Copyright.  The learning module is almost complete, but this post is an update on the Edmodo tutorial.

As part of my class assignment, I revised and expanded my tutorial to include screenshots, text, links and the video tutorial.  It has been uploaded to the Digital Texts and Tools website, where my colleagues, professor and others have posted tutorials.  This site is a great resource for teachers to learn about how to use a variety of digital tools.  It will continue to grow as new reviews are posted and old ones are updated.  I have also posted the Edmodo tutorial to my digital learning hub.

Having completed this review/tutorial, I feel much better prepared to create more.  Navigating Google Sites is very easy.  I have already decided that the Texts and Tools site could use a tutorial on Powtoon.  Perhaps in my spare time I can get started on that. . . .

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