Quizzes on Edmodo

This year I have been experimenting with Edmodo, a free online platform to connect students and teachers, post assignments, create quizzes, record grades and more.  My experiences have been positive, but I am still learning the best way to make use of this tool.  One feature I particularly like is the quiz tool.  Teachers can create and assign quizzes and have students take them online.  A variety of question choices are available and scores are automatically recorded in the Edmodo gradebook.  Students can access their scored quiz and see which answers were right or wrong.  Teachers can easily view class averages as well as the percent of students who answered each question correctly.  Another interesting feature is that links, photos and video can be embedded into questions.  For example, I have asked questions based on short YouTube videos that students view by clicking on the video right below the question.  Here is an example.

When I was given the assignment to create a screencast for teachers about a digital tool (another post about this process coming soon), I immediately thought of the quiz feature on Edmodo.  Although I faced many challenges in creating the screencast, I was able to accomplish the task.  Feel free to share this video with any teachers you think would be interested.

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