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Teachers’ Day, A National Holiday

I’ve been hearing about Vietnam Teachers’ Day ever since I arrived here, so I knew it was a big deal.

Innovation in Action

The Fulbright program encourages its distinguished teachers to attend professional development during their time overseas, so I was grateful to

Oh, the Horror!

I tried to explain to my fellow Fulbrighters (none of whom are teachers) the other night why Halloween is a

Student Life (University Edition)

The campus of Trường Đại học Sư phạm (Hanoi National University of Education or HNUE) is adjacent to several other

Where I’m From . . . Teaching Poetry in Vietnam

My Fulbright project has several components to it, and one of them involves teaching autobiographical poetry writing to students here.

Student Life (Middle and High School)

I have been working with students in middle school, high school and college for about a month now.  I’m still

I Could Get Used to This

I’ve been in Vietnam for almost a month and there are some things that I already know I’ll miss when

Fulbright Facts

Two weeks ago, I attended a four-day orientation for the Fulbright program in Washington, D.C.  The orientation really helped me

Class Routines

“Manos arriba!”  (“Hands up!”) This is the command given in every class for the beginning of the immersion (English only)

Teachers College Saturday Reunion

cc image: Heather Paul I attended my first Saturday Reunion at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) in

Digital Storytelling Reflection

I had the opportunity to publish this post for the International Reading Association (now the International Literacy Association) about my

High Achievement in the Midst of High Needs

After attending last year’s first annual Argument Writing Institute at Teachers College in New York, I knew I would return

Middle East Outreach Council Workshop

Last weekend, thanks to a travel award from the Middle East Outreach Council, I was fortunate to attend their annual

GoAnimate, Part Two

Last year I had my students create digital stories using GoAnimate, a site for making animated movies.  I have recently

Searching for the “Just Right” Benchmark Assessment

I have spent the last few weeks discussing IAGDs, writing SLOs and communicating with administrators through Bloomboard, the professional growth