Day 24: Learning Trend

I will be playing catch-up on the 30-Day Blogging Challenge over the next several days.  I had to take some time off for family commitments.

Today’s prompt asks what my favorite learning trend is.  The trend that has captured my attention the most is Genius Hour.  I discovered this through Twitter and follow #geniushour there.  Genius Hour is a time set aside each week for students to work on independent projects (passion projects).

Genius Hour

The concept may not be new, but the wealth of resources available through Twitter, Pinterest, blogs and more is incredible.  Over the past several months I have collected a variety of resources about Genius Hour.  One of my favorites is Joy Kirr’s Genius Hour LiveBinder.  On Twitter, I have read many posts where teachers share both successes and failures of Genius Hour.  Their stories are inspiring.

That being said, Genius Hour is not at the top of my list of things to do right now.  I am still in the “information gathering stage” and am not ready to begin a project with my students.  There are other projects I am committed to at the moment, but I do hope to experiment with Genius Hour before the end of this school year.  I will continue to gather resources since I feel very strongly about the value of student choice in the classroom.

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