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  1. Unknown
    January 18, 2014 @ 01:43

    Thank you Tim for the summary and I completely agree with your statement about the importance of recognizing perspective. The first component that was mentioned in your summary was how students need to understand their own viewpoint and how it is influenced by others. As a middle school teacher, I feel that there is always a constant struggle with my students to get them to communicate and identify their personal viewpoints with situations. Many of them will state a viewpoint, but when asked for reasons why they have the viewpoint, very rarely do they come with anything substantial. Most of them resort back to saying that their parents, relatives, or friends have the viewpoint and that is why they feel that way. Once they begin thinking for themselves, they truly begin to understand that they can have different viewpoints and perspectives of others and that it is okay for others to have different viewpoints as well.
    The examples you provided from the summary seemed liked great lessons for the schools involved. What an amazing way to use technology to increase students' global competence and help them understand the perspective of students half way around the world. Thank you again for the summary!


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