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  1. Miss Krenicki
    March 9, 2014 @ 12:58

    Tim, I think that the personal connections with a particular topic makes the presentations authentic! I'm so glad you did this project as I'd applied to IREX in December and wondered what it was actually like for a participant.

    I'm also excited to learn about PowToon through your presentation, too. I attended a conference where a presenter first introduced Prezi to me, but I think PowToon will be even more interactive for students. Plus, the interface is closer to the PowerPoint template, so it is a little easier to navigate. I'm already trying one out…. thanks for sharing.

    Have you had your own students do projects like this? Do you think it would be beneficial for them?


  2. Tim
    March 9, 2014 @ 15:19

    Laura, Glad to hear you are enjoying PowToon. I agree it is probably a better fit for middle school students than Prezi. I have not had any students use it yet, but they were all intrigued by the two presentations I made for them and wanted to know more. It will be one of the choices for them in an upcoming project. I did show it to a student I was tutoring in Providence and he was so excited by it he scrapped his PowerPoint and created a PowToon.


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