Day 9: Something I never talk about

Today I am asked to write about my biggest accomplishment in teaching that no one knows about.  This is hard.  Every time I think of something, I realize I’ve already discussed it.  I guess I’m not too shy about sharing my accomplishments.

It’s late, and I just got returned home from Back to School Night after a 13-hour day.  After thinking for a while, I realized I could talk about something that happened just tonight.  (I haven’t had time to brag about it yet.)

A parent of a former student came up to me and introduced herself (I apparently did not meet her when I had her son).  She told me how her son still talks about me all the time and wanted to make sure I knew what a positive impact I had on him.  That was it.  It was a brief conversation in the hall, but I was so glad she took the time to tell me.  Although I had a good relationship with her son, I would never had known that I was a particularly memorable teacher for him had she not told me.

I guess these moments are what I am most proud of.  It’s reaffirming to hear that you have made a difference in the life of a child.  I learn this in many subtle ways, such as from the students who return to visit my classroom, and even from a more direct thank-you from the students and parents themselves.  This is not, however, a regular occurrence.   I do not expect students and teachers to thank me;  after all, how often did I express gratitude to my child’s teachers and mentors?  When it happens, though, I do appreciate it.

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