Goin' to Kathmandu

I will try to sum up my first few days in Kathmandu with three short slide shows.  The first one shows the busy tourist section of town, Thamel.

We were treated to a demonstration of how to make (and eat) momos, a traditional Nepalese dumpling that can be served with meat and/or vegetables and either steamed or fried.  This was part of our visit to the Sisterhood of Survivors project, an organization that trains survivors of human trafficking as paralegals so that they can help themselves and others who are caught in the web of human trafficking.  According to their website, as many as 200,000 Nepalese women and girls are currently being forced to work in brothels in India.

We also visited Swayambhunath Stupa on our way into the city.  A Stupa is a dome-shaped monument which serves as a Buddhist shrine, although Hindus will also worship here.  Swayambhunath Stupa dates back to the fifth century A.D.


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