This MOOC is More than A Fluke

A week ago I could not clearly explain the concept of a MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course.  Now I am participating in one and writing about them.  It has been a week of learning from colleagues near and far.  After one week, I am already searching for other MOOCs that I could participate in, once I have more time.

Here is a Storify about my experiences in MOOC world this week.  I’ve included some criticisms of MOOCs and some of the pitfalls I encountered.  What do you want to learn?  I’m sure there is a MOOC to meet your needs.

On a related note, I really struggled with Storify this week.  My MOOC Storify disappeared the first time I published it.  The second time, after recreating it from scratch, most of it was lost in cyberspace.  Finally, after two days and nights and a total of four tries it seems to be working.  I made a backup version on Google Docs to be safe.  I have experienced deep, deep learning about the shortcomings of technology this week.

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