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There are several objectives I have in mind when thinking about creating my own digital learning hub.  I would like to create a space that is accessible to students and their families, as well as to colleagues and others I connect with around the world.  This hub must be useful for my students and me since we will be the primary users of it.  However, I hope that it grows to become useful and relevant to others as well, including former students. Another important goal is to set a model of how to create a positive digital footprint for my students.  I also want them to have opportunities to connect with others from around the world as they work to achieve their learning goals.

As I embark on this process, I envision a space that will link to other pages with a wealth of information.  I have already begun this process by creating a home page for my seventh grade team.  Currently, the page lists daily homework assignments and links to documents handed out in class.  It also includes a weekly email with updates from each teacher. This team website will be one that I link to my digital learning hub.  Some of the other areas that I hope to include are:

  • an Edmodo page for my classes.  Students will use this to access assignments and to interact with each other.
  • my own blog.  I will use my blog to promote my digital identity and my digital learning hub.  I will also use it to reflect on my practices in the classroom.
  • tutorials for students.  These may include screencasts about how to use a specific tool, or recordings of class activities for students who were absent or would like to review the information.
  • examples of student work.  This could include tutorials created by students, samples of student writing or projects and more.
  • online content that I will use in class.  This might include resources for students, documents I am sharing, units of study that I have created and more.
I know that this list will continue to grow, especially as I read blogs and view digital learning hubs of other educators.  My first step will be to decide “where” to build my hub.  I am considering using Google Sites, but would like to hear what others are doing before I make a final decision.  I am looking forward to getting started and seeing where this journey leads me.

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