Here’s an animoto video showing my first attempt at making chai.  I’ve learned quite a lot about chai lately.  Here are a few facts:
  • Chai is considered by many to be healthy.  The spices in chai have several healing and calming qualities.  (Maybe that’s why I feel so good when I drink it!)
  • There are many, many ways to make chai.
  • The chai we drink in the U.S. is known as chai masala in India.  This means “mixed-spice tea.”
  • The sugar in chai helps bring out the strength of the spices.
  • Chai is always made with black tea.
  • In India, chai is sold everywhere by chai wallahs.  These chai-makers specialize in preparing chai and selling it on the streets, in villages, at places of work, on trains and buses and anywhere else people may be. 
I had fun preparing the chai, but there were many decisions to be made.  Every recipe I looked at was slightly different.  Some use 2-3 spices while others use 10 or more.  Some use whole spices while others insist they must be finely ground.  I ended up “synthesizing” ideas from several recipes and experimented with my own version of chai.  The result?  It was good.  Not the best chai, but far from the worst I have had.  I would like to make it spicier next time.  Still, I did drink three cups of it, so it must have been pretty good, and my kitchen smells great!  Until next time.

cc image by kris krüg

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