Incredible India

A salesperson in a mattress store was chatting with me about a variety of topics, and when he discovered I was going to India he asked in an incredulous manner, “Why?”  He looked at me like I had three heads and advised me that I was certain to get sick from the food and the heat, and that he and his wife preferred Paris where they could eat “good food.”  Although this man’s reaction may have been somewhat blunt, it is not unusual.  I have heard the same disbelief in many people’s voices after discussing my trip with them.  India is not for everyone, but it certainly has a lot more to it than exotic food and heat.
I can barely remember a time when I didn’t want to go to India.  I am looking forward to the colors, food, people and even the smells.  I know that this trip will barely introduce me to the country and I already hope to return for many more visits.
Perhaps I should have shared the video below with the mattress salesman.  My adventures in India will probably not be as wild as the ones shown here, but they will be just as thrilling.

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