Day 16: Superpowers

I need to think of one superpower I would want to have in the classroom.  The hardest part of this is choosing just one.  In just a minute, I thought of so many:

  • The power to instantly read, provide feedback, and enter grades for any assignment I give.
  • The power to make all technology, including wi-fi, work all the time.
  • The power to create a master schedule that will satisfy everyone’s needs.
  • The power to have the attention of all of my seventh graders at the same time.  (Even when I think I’m doing this, it’s really just an illusion.)
  • The power to eliminate standardized testing.
  • The power to go for hours without needing the bathroom (oh, wait, I think I already developed that power).

I could keep going, but as I said, I can only choose one for this prompt.  I have decided on this:

The power to extend class time by 10 minutes, just by wishing it.

Elicice (
And here’s why . . .

Even in my 28th year of teaching, I still seem to run out of time at the end of class.  Part of the reason is that I’ve never adjusted to teaching in 50-minute periods since moving to seventh grade several years ago.  I’m used to working in much larger blocks and integrating subjects.  

Another part of the problem, obviously, is that I try to fit too much in.  I want to have time for read aloud, silent reading, a mini-lesson, a workshop time for students to work and me to conference with them, and a sharing or closure time . . . every day.  That’s simply not possible in a short period.  

Another issue is that sometimes the students lead me in a direction I had not planned on going.  They bring ideas and wishes to the table, and sometimes they make more sense than what I had planned.  So, that takes time, and we don’t always have enough.

It seems like adding 10 minutes would help solve my problem, but I know I would probably have to use this power multiple times in the same period to really have enough time.  Of course, I have to admit there are days when 50 minutes doesn’t pass quickly enough.  Fortunately, these days are few and far between.

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