Creating and Curating My Digital Identity

Below is my mind map, created using Coggle, that shows my plan for creating and curating my digital identity.  Over the past five weeks, I have learned a lot about using online tools to not only help my students, but to help myself learn as well.  I have blogged about creating a Personal Learning Network, using online tools to learn about an area of interest, and how to use specific tools such as Animoto, WevideoGoogle Docs and others.  It has been a month of intense learning.
My map shows that I will continue to pursue learning by developing my Personal Learning Environment (PLE).  So far, I see four main sources of learning for me:  Twitter, Google+, my colleagues and blogs.  Connected to these areas, I have listed sources of information and activities I am either currently involved in or plan on pursuing.  For example, the IT&DML Community in Google Groups will continue to be a source of learning even after I finish the program next summer.  I also know that I will expand this map as I discover new sources of learning.  I expect to add to the list of Google Communities that I will follow, for instance.  I will also keep in mind, however, that I cannot follow every great source of information out there without becoming overwhelmed.  I will work on learning from sources that I find most useful and will have to weed out the ones that do not meet my needs.
Finally, although it’s a small part of my map, I will expand my contributions to online content through my blog.  I cannot curate and create a positive digital footprint without contributing to the Internet.  I will model this process for my students so that they too can create and curate a positive digital identity.  

cc image by Pixabay

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