Day Five: My Classroom

I like my classroom, but I am always looking for ways to improve the layout of it.  As part of the 30-day Teacher Blogging Challenge, I will share some photos of my classroom and list what I see, and what I don’t see that I’d like to.

I like having room for groups of 3-4 desks, but wish I had more space to rearrange desks easily.

I like having a classroom library, but could always use more space. 

What I see
What I don’t see, but wish I did
  • Small groups of 3-4 desks
  • Classroom library
  • Lots of light, but shades for when it needs to be dark
  • Projector on a cart
  • Shelves with supplies for students and space for their notebooks
  • Shelves and file cabinets for storage and teaching supplies
  • Large work table
  • Space for students to sit near the front during read aloud
  • Two working Kindles (of the original 4 obtained through a grant)
  • Three computers, but only one works properly
  • A large teacher desk (Is it time to get rid of it?)
  • Ceiling-mounted projector (so we don’t blind ourselves or block the screen when presenting to the class).
  • More space for books
  • Benches, stools, or milk crates – to create a more permanent read aloud/meeting area near the front of the room
  • A Chromebook cart with 25 Chromebooks
  • A set of e-readers (Kindles, Nooks, etc.)
  • More storage space (shelves or cabinets)
  • Ceiling fans (or air conditioner)
  • A couch
  • I like that students can take ownership of the classroom space.
    I like seeing students collaborate and present their work
    Over the years, I have obtained computers, Kindles, a projector, many books, furniture and more through grants I have written.  Of course, I have also purchased many supplies myself.  There are always ways to get what is needed for the classroom.  I’m looking forward to viewing other posts from this challenge to get more ideas for how to improve my classroom.  

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