Day 19: Reflection

Day 19 Prompt:  Name three powerful ways students can reflect on their learning, then discuss closely the one you use most often.

A quick post today . . .

Writing is one powerful way to reflect.  I know from personal experience (through this blogging challenge) and from having my students write.  The act of writing is a reflective process in itself.  I do believe students can learn more about themselves through written reflection.
Another powerful way is to review models of work, either exemplars or other samples.  Students can compare their own work to the model and reflect on what they can do to improve, as well as what they did well.
One of the reflection tools I use most often is a self-evaluation.  At the end of each major unit or assignment, students complete a self-evaluation before submitting their work.  It is usually the same rubric I will use to evaluate the assignment, with some added space for written reflection from the student.
This prompt has made me realize that I need to expand my repertoire of methods for student reflection.  I also need to do it more often.  Although the methods above are useful at times, I know others in the challenge are writing about many ideas I have not yet tried.  
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