Day 12: The Future

Here is the question for Day 12 of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

How do you envision your teaching changing over the next five years?

I have spent the last year in the Instructional Technology and Digital Media Literacies program at the University of New Haven.  This program has prepared me for the next five years and beyond.  Although the future will bring many unknowns in terms of technology, educational policy, curriculum, budget constraints, job security, and my role in the classroom, I am confident that the following will be a part of my teaching five years from now.

  1. I will be an active part of a global network of educators.  My professional learning network will continue to grow and change over the next five years.  I will use technology (maybe Twitter, maybe something new) to stay connected with my colleagues, share ideas and learn from them.
  2. My classroom will also be a part of a global network.  My students will collaborate on projects with students from around the world.  They will be accustomed to using technology to interact with other cultures.
  3. The structure of the school day, I hope, will be less compartmentalized.  Students will have long blocks of time to work on independent and collaborative projects that cut across many disciplines.  They will not be moving every 50 minutes to a new classroom and a new subject.
  4. There will be very little paper used for writing, but there will still be an extensive classroom library.
  5. The high-stakes testing pendulum will swing the other way.  There will be less emphasis on testing, and more emphasis on learning.
cc image by Fredrik Alpstedt

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