Building the Hub

A hub is a central point, a center of a network or an activity.  That is what I am attempting to build by creating my new website.  My hub may be more of a small signpost in a very crowded world of Internet resources, but as I continue to build it I hope to strengthen this central point to achieve the goals I wrote about in an earlier post.

I chose to use Google Sites to create my hub.  Choosing a layout took way too much time, and I’m still not sure I’ve made a final decision, but perhaps it is time well spent.  Not only do I want my hub to be a place that draws visitors, it will also be a place where I spend a fair amount of my time. For this reason, it should be aesthetically appealing and well-organized.

One challenge I am having is deciding what goes on my website (my digital learning hub), what goes on my school website, and what goes on my blog.  Can I post items to more than one of these sites?  How do I keep all of this organized?  I am still working out these details and look forward to seeing my colleagues’ websites and getting their feedback on my site.

So, please visit my digital learning hub, watch it grow and leave feedback for me.

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